TF35 Trophy

Compared to its predecessors, the TF35 has been designed with the ambitious brief to offer top level foiling to a wider audience of sailors. With earlier take-off speeds, guaranteed foiling upwind and down and a fully automatic flight control system, the TF35 uses the latest in foiling technology, both to improve performance and simplify high speed foiling while making it easier to race.


- - - Given the current public health situation, the team's sporting calendar is being revised for the 2020 season. - - -
After 16 years of racing the D35 on Lake Geneva it is time for an upgrade and for the 2020 season the new foiling TF35 will race both on the lake and at open water venues across Europe introducing the next generation of foiling to the world.
The TF35 Trophy will be a strictly one design racing tour offering a level playing field for professional teams and owner driver teams.
The six-stop 2020 season will start on Lake Geneva for four events before moving to open water venues across Europe that have been specifically chosen to offer the best sailing for the ultra high performance foiling cats.
The plan is for four to six races per day on a windward leeward course with upwind starts and downwind finishes. Each race will take approximately 20 minutes.
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Until now the opportunity to race a catamaran that foils both down and up wind has been reserved for the sailing elite of the America's Cup however the new design of flight controlled t-foil catamaran will open the door for wider the sailing community to try their hand at the full foiling experience.

  • Construction: Multiplast, Lorima, Heol composites, Pixel sur Mer
  • Length (overall): 15.00m
  • Length (hull): 10.85m
  • Boat width: 6.31m
  • Overall width: 9,38m
  • Weight: 1200 kg
  • Main foil draft: 2.70m
  • Main foil width: 2.90m
  • Rudder draft: 2.05m
  • Rudder width: 1.35m
  • Mainsail: 78m²
  • Jib: 34m²
  • Drifter: 59m²
  • Gennaker: 139m²
  • Crew: 6 people

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TF35 Trophy News

A smooth recovery and first launch of our TF35

9 June, 2020

Following the recent guidance from the Conseil Fédéral and the new directives from Swiss Sailing, the resumption of training on Lake Geneva is now possible, in compliance with health rules. These last months have defied us all and we will continue to face these challenges together in the coming times so that a restart is favourable across all aspects. On our side, we are delighted to be able to return to our sport and our passion again, and do so with a feeling of great gratitude to all the people who have worked and are still working to manage and lessen the effects of this pandemic. Pierre-Yves Jorand, team director: “Our 2020 season will partly resume with the launch of our TF35, and partly be postponed, since we have decided, in agreement with our partners, OMEGA and PELLE P, not to participate in the GC32 Racing Tour this year. “Later in the year, we will re-examine the return of our GC32 to competition from 2021, hoping to defend our titles in the World Championship and the annual Racing Tour. Indeed, with the GC32 class having decided to postpone the majority of the planned programme (only two independent events will be offered at the end of August and in mid-October), these titles will not be in play this year." Regarding the TF35, the Alinghi team is hard at work to finalise the preparation of its brand-new boat, picking-up where it left off in early March. To learn more about the TF35, click here. Nils Frei, team member and coach: “We are happy to be able to resume our activities on the water and as a team. We are eager to proceed with the very first launch of our foiler and to get started sailing. A good list of tests in all conditions awaits us in order to continue the development of our boat on Lake Geneva. As with the launch of any technological racing machine, we will proceed in stages and wait until we have validated the boat completely before going out in a sustained way. “Even if, to date, no regatta is planned and trips outside Switzerland are suspended for this season, our motivation remains very real and I can say with some certainty that all of us are impatient to return to the water." We look forward to sharing with you over on our social media channels the foiling sessions of our new machine (registered "SUI 100 / VD64") and in the meantime hope that you can continue to take great care of yourself and your loved ones.