Inaugural TF35 Trophy - Useful information

15 April, 2021

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What: The very first championship for the one-design, multihull foiling TF35s, which follows the format of the Décision 35 competition, but this time with the added dimension of flight over water.
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Who: Seven teams made up of six team members (total team weight limited to 500kg)
Where: Lake Geneva (Switzerland) for the first five events of the season, then to Scarlino (Italy) for the finale.
When: From April to September, the 2021 TF35 Trophy will include seven events: five Grand Prix and two Lake Geneva classics (the Genève-Rolle-Genève and the Bol d'Or Mirabaud). Click here for the calendar
How: During the Grand Prix, the teams compete during three days in successive races of about twenty-minute duration and which are sailed around buoys. During the Lake Geneva classics, a coastal course is completed with a start from Geneva, a mark to be rounded (in Rolle or Le Bouveret at the end of the lake) and then a return to the finish line in Geneva.

Follow the action
There are a number of ways to follow the team:

On Twitter @alinghi
> Publication of results and assorted photos and videos

On Facebook @alinghi and Instagram @alinghi
> Interviews, videos & photos

On our homepage
> News and photos

Race monitoring, live or replay
> A tracking system will be onboard each TF35 during regattas.
Access the 2D mapping via: the TF35 Trophy website, the TracTrac website, or the free app on your smartphone (click here if you have an iPhone, or here if you have an Android)

Team for the TF35 (SUI 100)
Helmsman / skipper: Ernesto Bertarelli (SUI)
Tactician: Nicolas Charbonnier (FRA)
Mainsail traveller: Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI)
Mainsail trimmer: Bryan Mettraux (SUI)
Headsail trimmer: Nils Frei (SUI)
Bowman: Yves Detrey (SUI)
Spare crew: Florian Trüb (SUI)

Shore crew
João Cabeçadas (POR)
David Niklès (SUI)

Team Director
Pierre-Yves Jorand (SUI)

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#GoAlinghiGo // #tf35trophy // #tf35

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