Alinghi 4th in the Genève - Rolle - Genève

4 June, 2016

After over four hours of racing in the Genève-Rolle-Genève, many of which saw the team leading the fleet, Alinghi had to settle for fourth place in today’s sprint up the lake and back. 

Off the start, Team Tilt and Zen headed for the Swiss shore and took the lead, but we gybe’d twice towards the centre of the lake to catch the building wind. By the time the team reached Dully, Alinghi had passed the two leaders and struck out for the front. The lead was maintained as the mark in Rolle was rounded and it was looking good. However, after rounding that turning mark, and with the fleet heading towards the French shore, things got more complicated, with clouds building overhead as the boats approached Nyon, with shifting winds making it very close. Approaching Versoix, Alinghi led on the Swiss side, but as the lake narrowed the fleet converged. Still, the team maintained the lead until a series of pulsing breezes made the 1-2-3 change time after time, keeping the fleet packed. So close were the boats that only just over a minute separated them all at the finish line, with Alinghi having to settle for fourth. A great day of racing…